Axes, machetes and saws — in the right situation — can be some of the most useful tools to have in your kit. Whether it’s in a camping, hunting or survival context, these brilliant tools are perfect for a variety of uses.

Beyond just their usefulness in the wilderness, axes, machetes, and saws make for a fantastic addition to any knife collection as well — due to their eye-catching and often stylised look.

Nebo Knives stocks more than just your average camping and survival axe. You’ll find a range that spans from tactical models all the way to classically styled tomahawk axes to unleash your inner Viking.

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You won’t find run-of-the-mill axes, machetes and saws at Nebo Knives. In fact, many of the items in this category are made by the same highly reputable companies that make the best knives we all know and love. Brands such as Boker, MTech, Benchmade, Elk Ridge and many more all offer these cutting devices as part of their lineup. And to top it off, we offer free, Australia-wide shipping across all of our axes, machetes & saws. Delivered to your door!

Camping Axes

A good axe can last you for decades, so it’s well worth investing in a quality piece of kit. Axes are incredibly versatile and can be used for splitting wood, harvesting timber and even as a weapon in a pinch. They come in different shapes and sizes, from the traditional axe to smaller hatchets that are easier to carry with you on your adventures. Whether it’s a large or small axe, at Nebo Knives, we have a huge selection for you to choose from!

Machetes & Saws for Camping & Tactical Use

If you’re not already initiated when it comes to machetes and saws, you may be wondering in what context they’re often used. When it comes to camping and tactical applications, these tools offer a unique blend of dependability and durability. From simple tasks such as clearing small trees, breaking down firewood and foraging for food, to more complex scenarios like navigating through dense underbrush and cutting your way through rarely walked paths. It’s these tools that allow you to truly get off the beaten path and into nature.

Machetes have been around for a very long time. Though popularised globally by the explorative conquistadors of Spain, there have been machete-like weapons found as far back as the times of the ancient Egyptians. In their case, it was the use of a weapon called the khopesh. Similarly, hand-held saws have also been traced to that same era and geographic origin. 

Since then, machetes have been a staple weapon throughout the world. The national flag of Angola even features one! Much like knives, machetes have a range of different styles. The most commonly known would be the Latin machete, used primarily for bush clearing. The Bowie style from America is more of a large knife and self-defence tool. The Kukri machete is one that has seen widespread use by various armed forces throughout the world. And the Bolo, which originated from the Philippines, is a particular model that’s been used primarily as a harvesting tool.

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