Schrade Knives, a Tradition to be handed down to generations

The Schrade Cutlery Company was established in Walden, New York in 1904. The cutlery produced quality was unique at that time to the industry. The Schrade’s strength was its design concepts and engineering from 2003 and it moves forward with cutting edge product and is emerging with exciting introduction maintaining a tradition of respect.

The key to Schrade’s Knife is in their workforce of committed and talented craftsmen of the third and fourth generation employees. This trade is learnt from parents and grandparents and this valuable skill, knowledge and pride is passed into the consistent production of quality tools and knives. The spirit and dedication lives and is apparent in the experienced hand craftsmanship that presents modern technology. Schrade is growing in leaps owing to the well earned reputation for value and quality, keeping with the responsiveness to every changing market needs. They are meeting the diversification of the new markets with innovative new products and produce second-to-none customer service in the industry.