“It’s not exactly Christmas, is it?.” This was the line said by James Bond after being presented with a fairly sparse selection of gadgets for his next lot of super spy endeavours. Unsurprisingly, many of you may be looking at the stationary on your desk and feel a similar sentiment. But Nebo Knives to the rescue! Thanks to our wide selection of tactical pens. Perfect for both the super spies and the average Joe’s among us.

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What Is A Tactical Pen?

Are you a knife enthusiast? You’ve probably got a solid understanding of all different types of blades: fixed, foldable, double-edged, reverse tanto, needle pointed and all the rest. But you’d be forgiven for having never heard of a tactical pen. 

First and foremost, a tactical pen is a writing tool, but with a number of built-in capabilities that also make it an ideal candidate as an everyday carry option for self-defence. Tactical pens are designed for self-defence and other utilitarian purposes but what features qualify them for this role?

To start, they are made from stronger materials than standard pens, and they often have features such as a flashlight or a glass breaker. In addition, tactical pens usually have a more ergonomic design, making them easier and more comfortable to use. Whether you’re looking for a self-defence tool or just a rugged and reliable writing instrument, a tactical pen is a great buy.

What Uses Do Tactical Pens Have?

One of the greatest attractions of tactical pens is their wide and varied range of potential uses. But tactical pens don’t forget their roots. Importantly, these pens are fantastic writing implements, the solid feel coupled with the high-end ink cartridges, pen tips and mechanical actions make them brilliant implements for their writing ability alone.

It’s the rest of its capabilities that make the tactical pen such a growing sensation. As a self-defence tool, it is a sturdy and non-lethal option that offers a lot of confidence to the beholder. As an emergency tool, the tactical pens’ features can quite literally be a lifesaver. Many of these pens come equipped with a pointed metal top, making them ideal for breaking glass. In situations involving motor accidents where an occupant may be trapped inside the vehicle, a few good strikes with a tactical pen can make it a brilliant escape tool. 

Unsurprisingly, tactical pens make an excellent companion for the avid camping enthusiast as well. A number of these tools come equipped with different survival features such as a whistle, a light or even a DNA collector. 

Tactical Pens vs Knives

It isn’t exactly fair to make a direct comparison between tactical pens and knives, as they both have specific purposes that the other is just simply not equipped for. You’d be hard pressed to write out a journal entry with a knife, and you’d be even harder pressed to carve meat with a pen. But tactical pens do have advantages over knives in certain cases. 

Firstly (and depending on where you live), it may be illegal to carry a knife on your person in public. Countries have different laws on this and varying punishments for not adhering to these laws. But we understand that you may feel safer knowing that you have a self-defence option available to you in the event that you might need it. For this purpose, a tactical pen is a fantastic choice. 

Another tick for tactical pens is that they’re generally considered as a ‘non-lethal’ deterrent. They are both safer to wield for yourself and likely to inflict less damage than a knife could.Tactical pens are also discreet. In many cases, a knife is quite recognisable even from a distance. Thanks to the wide selection we have available at Nebo Knives, you can choose between a larger more aggressive-looking pen or if you’d prefer something more understated, there are sleek and more discreet options available too.