old hickory

Ontario Knives, famous as a stalwart of the industry, began as a small company in 1889. From water-powered grindstones in Naples, New York to the modern day and state of the art facilities in Franklinville, New Jersey, they produce a wide variety of knives to suit every need.

In 1923, James A. Chrestensen, who had been with the Company for a dozen years, became president and the beginning of the “Old Hickory” line would begin. His son Robert F. Chrestensen would take over as president after his father retired in 1952. Ontario Knife would expand its role in the cutlery industry with a membership in the American Cutlery Manufacturers’ Association in which Robert was a past president.

Old Hickory Knives, Boneing, Butcher Bnife, Butchers Cleaver, Fillet Knife, Paring Knife, Slicing Knife and Sticker Knife. Kitchen and Hunting Knives.