Boker – Pocketknives, Hunting Knives, Kitchen Knives and Straight Razors from Solingen, Germany

The famous knives with the tree-brand are manufactured in the German blade-city since 1869. Since then, no knife left our production without this sign of quality. The history of Böker has been affected by eventful times, but two things remained: our passion and enthusiasm for extraordinary knives.

Today Böker is renowned all over the world as a manufacturer and supplier of an unmatched variety of blade and handle materials and the biggest manufacturer in Europe for Tactical Knives and Collector’s knives.

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Boker knives have been a trusted name in knives for over a century. Today they continue to produce high-quality knives for both recreational and professional use. Boker knives are known for their durability and precision, and they make a great choice for both hunters and collectors. The company offers a wide variety of knife styles to choose from, so there’s sure to be a Boker knife that’s perfect for your needs. Whether you’re looking for a simple pocket knife or a beautifully crafted hunting knife, Boker has the perfect option for you.

A brief history of Boker

Initially operating as a hardware factory in Solingen, Germany, Boker moved into the world of armoury when they began producing sabres in 1829. From there, the German manufacturer saw a lot of success and expanded its operations into a number of other tools and cutlery ornaments.

In 1865, Hermann and Robert Boker moved to the United States and Canada, respectively. There, Hermann set up Boker & Co. in New York, and Robert created Casa Boker. The history of all three companies has remained intertwined with one another, maintaining a good relationship throughout their history.

The second world war saw the original Boker factory in Solingen bombed and completely destroyed. Significant losses to the history of Boker occurred, and all of their manufacturing abilities were lost as well. 

Since then, the various operations relating to the Boker name have operated in harmony with Boker USA becoming the leading institution of the Boker name.

What makes Boker Knives so good?

Boker knives are world-renowned for their quality and craftsmanship. Boker is one of the oldest mainstay knife manufacturers and they have constantly been innovating and expanding their product line since the beginning. Boker is best known for their pocket knives, but they also boast one of the widest varieties available for any knife manufacturer. Their range extends from knives to razors to tactical pens

Boker’s blades are made from high-quality stainless steel, and their handle materials range from wood to bone to mother of pearl. Boker’s knives are beautiful as well as functional, and they are built to last a lifetime. 


As would be expected for a high-end knife manufacturer, Boker is known for using high-grade materials in their products. They have also used a wide range of materials previously for their handles. One such example is the BOKER BARLOW CASTLE BURG OAK FOLDING EDC KNIFE, in which Boker have used oak wood from the Burg Castle to create the scales for this knife.

Carbon Steel

Now considered a classic of knife making, carbon steel is used by Boker as a great alternative to chrome steel. This is due to the extremely fine edge that can be created using this material. However, it is known for requiring some upkeep in order to maintain the knife in top condition.

Chrome Stainless Steel

A form of steel that is high in chromium and is one of the mainstays of modern knife making. Chrome steel is a material that requires very little maintenance and comes in a variety of different finishes. Great edge retention is a major contributor to the popularity of stainless steel blades.

Damascus Steel

A famous and undeniably beautiful steel for knife crafting. This isn’t so much a material but more of an example of what fine craftsmanship is able to do to the look of a knife. See the BOKER PLUS Damascus Dominator EDC Folding Knife for a fine example of this technique. Created by using different metals and folding them over one another in the forging process, these are a fan favourite. Modern iterations from Boker now even include stainless models as well.