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Bradford Knives are created to be used, and used for YOUR purpose!

Every Bradford Guardian knife, from the fixed EDC M390 Guardian 3 to the bush beast Guardian 6 in 3V steel, comes fully customisable.

If the combination you want isn't in our store we can get it! Choose from:

Handle Material

  • G10 - Black, Olive Drab Green, Patriot Blue, Coyote Brown, Orange, Tiger Stripe (orange and black), Ghost, Toxic Green, Camo (Olive Drab and Black), Toxic Green/Black, Red, Black/Blue.
  • 3D G10 - Black/Blue or G-Wood.
  • 3D Micarta - Black, OD Green, Natural, Camo
  • Carbon Fibre - 3D

Blade Finish

  • Stonewash
  • Black DLC (Diamond Like Carbon) Coating, and
  • Nimbus (Tumbled DLC, looks like a dark Nimbus cloud)

Blade Grind

  • False Edge - Top edge shaped with a swedge to the point...nice for penetration!
  • Full Flat Grind - From the cutting edge to the spine is all one flat grind...the perfect cutter or slicer!
  • Sheepsfoot - flat ground, an excellent slicer without the fear of accidental penetration. Available on the Guardian 3 only.
  • Sabre - A high Sabre Grind with the edge extending up the blade where it meets a flat blade near the spine...a good working knife for utility tasks!

Bradford Knives are not only attractive and comfortable, but they were designed, crafted and created by Brad himself, a lifelong knife user. He uses both survival knives, for hiking, camping and other outdoor activities, and Every Day Cary's (EDCs), for warehouse and manufacturing tasks and as any everyday tool.

As a small independent knife maker, Brad has the ability to design a new knife, prototype it and make adjustments so the final product is of the highest quality possible. Although a small businesses, Brad cuts no corners and Bradford Knives are made with cutting edge technology and high end machinery.

The final result is a creative and unique combination of EDCs, outdoor knives and kitchen cutlery made from the highest grade materials and with the finest attention to detail. Bradford Knives will continue to boldly push the envelope and develop high end knives in an exciting and ever-changing market for years to come.

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