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Are you looking for a high-grade knife to take your current collection up a notch? Let us explain why choosing a piece from the Bradford brand of knives might just be the best purchase you’re going to make.

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About Bradford Knives

Many of the brands you’re going to find at Nebo Knives are some of the largest suppliers in the game. Undoubtedly, having the backing of a large brand makes producing top knives easier. The sheer amount of resources available makes it possible to produce a knife of decent quality, likely at a decent price. But Bradford knives, a small operation started by one man, manages to accomplish both of these things while still managing to be innovative and bring new ideas to the table.

The story of Bradford knives starts with a man who had a passion and undying enthusiasm for his craft, a wish to see if he could improve on what was available, and finally, the drive to see it happen. That’s a broad summary of what took place in 2012, when Brad Larkin decided he wanted to make a steak knife that was a cut above the rest (pun intended). The commercial success of his original M390 steel knife was beyond his own expectations and soon the people who’d loved his first creation wanted to know what would follow it. 

It’s been 10 years since those early days and unlike so many small businesses, the Bradford Knives story is still being written. Now they are the makers of a very impressive range of fixed blades, folding knives, tactical knives and many more. Nebo Knives is an authorised Australian dealer of the Bradford brand, and we’re pleased to be able to offer such high-quality cutting tools on our online store.

What Makes Bradford Knives Great?

The answer to this question is going to be different for everyone, because what some deem as an essential quality in a knife might not matter so much to others. But if we’re talking about Bradford knives specifically, then there are certain factors that come into play more often than not.

First and foremost, the materials that are used to make a Bradford knife are always of the highest quality. The brand has gone to the effort of using premium grade steels such as CPM-3V and M390, which is a testament to both their dedication to quality and also their innovative spirit.

Another thing that is important to consider when discussing quality is the manufacturing process. This is something that set the Bradford brand apart in its early days, and that has remained a key selling point even now. With Bradford knives, each and every knife is designed, prototyped, and manufactured in-house. The ‘house’ we refer to is actually a workshop featuring state-of-the-art equipment based in Kent, Washington.

Taking Care of Your Bradford Knife

No matter how good a knife is, it’s only going to stay that way if you take good care of it. The same goes for Bradford knives – with a little bit of attention and the right kind of maintenance, your knife can last for many years to come.

When it comes to cleaning your knife, we recommend using warm water and soap. Avoid using any harsh chemicals or detergents, as these can damage the blade or handle over time. Once you’ve finished washing your knife, dry it off completely before storing it away.

It’s also important to keep your knife sharpened on a regular basis. We recommend using a honing rod or sharpening stone for this purpose, as they will help to keep the blade’s edge in good condition without damaging it.

Finally, we recommend that you store your knife in a safe place when not in use. A knife block or sheath is always a good option, as it will help to protect the blade and prevent accidental damage.

Bradford Knives are created to be used, and used for YOUR purpose!

Every Bradford Guardian knife, from the fixed EDC Guardian 3 to the bush beast Guardian 6 in 3V steel, comes fully customisable.

If the combination you want isn’t in our store we can get it!! See below for your Grind, Blade Finish and Scale options.

Bradford Knives are not only attractive and comfortable, but they were designed, crafted and created by Bradford Larkin himself, a lifelong knife user. He uses both survival knives, for hiking, camping and other outdoor activities, and Every Day Cary’s (EDCs), for warehouse and manufacturing tasks and as any everyday tool.

As a small independent knife maker, Bradford has the ability to design a new knife, prototype it and make adjustments so the final product is of the highest quality possible. Although a small businesses, Brad cuts no corners and Bradford Knives are made with cutting edge technology and high end machinery.

The final result is a creative and unique combination of EDCs, outdoor knives and kitchen cutlery made from the highest grade materials and with the finest attention to detail. Bradford Knives will continue to boldly push the envelope and develop high end knives in an exciting and ever-changing market for years to come.

Can’t find the knife you’re looking for? Get in touch with us at Nebo Knives and we’ll be happy to help you pick out the perfect piece!

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